Plan, simulate and optimize your manufacturing process
Design your manufacturing process the way it should be done: with an extremely intuitive step-by-step flow-based interface.
Perfect Cycle interface
Rendering of a lasercut aluminum sheet

Intuitively plan production

Define every step of how you turn raw materials into a finished product. Specify details of every operation, including tools used, necessary staff, average duration and more.

Step-by-step planning of the production process

Get real-time estimates of your production process

Automatically estimate material and labor costs, production time, embodied and operational CO₂. See how your components travel between plants.

UI of material costs

Overlay operations onto your plant floor

Easily generate layouts of your plant, with CAD or without. Overlay your operations onto the plant floor and find opportunities to reduce congestion and imporve ergonomics.

UI of plant floorplan

Simulate your production process

Run process simulations to identify bottlenecks, balance lines and reduce time waste to improve your workflow even before you start the manufacturing.

UI process simulation connection
UI process simulation node

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